About Us

AD Projects is an independent, migratory curatorial organization. Founded in April 2009, AD Projects has staged many group exhibitions of emerging and mid-career artists in borrowed spaces. Kat Cohn, Jessica Gallucci, Abby Merrick and Jill Murphy curate and coordinate each exhibition outside of normal business hours; the name AD Projects is derived from the nature of their work “after dark.”

Based in New York, AD Projects has mainly worked in vacant apartments, artists’ studios, warehouse spaces, and storefronts around the city.  They were also invited to curate an exhibition at the Central Utah Art Center in February 2011, where CAMERA VIVANT came to life. The show focused on narrative, non-documentary camera-based works from eight different artists.

During the spring and summer of 2011, AD Projects ran a popup gallery in an East Village storefront at 200 Avenue A. For two months, the four-person curatorial team repurposed a shut down bar called Superdive into a black box art gallery with the help of No Longer Empty’s Art in Empty Spaces Initiative. What unfolded was a dual series exclusively featuring New York-based artists entitled Reliquary/SUPERDARK. Reliquary consisted of four week-long solo exhibitions, while SUPERDARK presented appearances by five unique performance artists. For more information about upcoming exhibitions, visit here.

Please click here for artwork an exhibition space submission guidelines.

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