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October 25th at the Big Screen Plaza

AD Projects at the Big Screen Plaza

AD Projects at the Big Screen Plaza

AD Projects is excited to announce an evening of videos by eight contemporary artists at the Big Screen Plaza. Each of the works blends digital or animated elements with live action to create eerie and entrancing scenes. The artists obscure, alter, and enhance the human figure to varying degrees. First, we enter into Ben Bigelow’s otherworldly landscape populated by clones with static-filled eyes in The Great Melt. Using different techniques, Heidi Zito’s Sequence of Monotone shows disembodied feet performing a peculiar rhythmic stroll across an abandoned stretch of sidewalk. Jonathan Ehrenberg’s Seed can elicit a visceral response, documenting one man’s transformation as he slowly loses certain body parts. Join us on Tuesday, October 25th from 7-9 pm for the screening.

For more information, please contact

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AD Projects goes to City Hall

Image credit: Rev Stan,

Image credit: Rev Stan,

This Monday, AD Projects had a chance to testify at the New York City Council hearing about the impact of pop-up art installations in vacant spaces alongside the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Chashama, Fourth Arts Block, Ad Hoc Art, No Longer Empty, ArtState, and others.

It’s clear that pop up art spaces have been on the art world’s collective consciousness lately, but it was interesting to see how the local government’s interest has been piqued as well. Shows like last year’s Alternative Histories at Exit Art and 112 Greene Street at David Zwirner in early 2011 really seemed to raise great awareness to the ever-growing history of exhibiting art outside of the traditional white box gallery model. Monday provided a great meeting of minds to discuss how this movement can be improved with added assistance of community boards, real estate owners, etc. Read more »

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Art Outside the Gallery Panel Discussion

AD Projects is excited to be participating in Art Outside the Gallery, a panel discussion at General Assembly moderated by Annika Connor. I’ll be speaking on behalf of AD Projects specifically, and alternative exhibition spaces as a whole. Come support us, ask questions, and hear what others have to say about breaking out of the white box of galleries. The other panelists are artist Richard Phillips, interior designer and set decorator Christina Tonkin, and’s Carter Cleveland.

When: Wednesday, September 28th at 7:00 pm

Where: General Assembly, 902 Broadway, 4th Floor

Tickets are $30


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Call for video artists

AD Projects is soliciting short-form video art in preparation for an outdoor screening in Manhattan. We are especially interested in seeing works that combine animation or digital elements with live action. Selected videos will be shown on a 30’ x 16’ HD-format LED screen on the evening of October 25. Note that because of the public nature of the venue, we are unable to screen any works with nudity or extreme violence. Please submit links to videos by this Friday, September 23:

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Campbell’s Soup-Off

As a group that thrives on art in alternative spaces, of course we’re naturally drawn to street art. Also, who doesn’t like a little Warhol shout out? I’ve recently snapped these two homages on the street. So, I put it to you, readers: Who wore it best? Shepard Fairey‘s Stephen Colbert Manhattan Clam Chowder in New York or Canvaz‘s Celtic Tiger Prawn Soup in Dublin?

Left: Shepard Fairey; Right: Canvaz

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Art Field Trip

American Pavilion: Allora & Calzadilla

I visited the Biennale last week in Venice and went into art overdrive in the best way. Rather than pontificating about the work, I wanted to share some of the photos I took. In the future, I hope to always visit the fair a month or so after the opening. Attendance was solid, but I really had a chance to view works in the Giardini and Arsenale without being bombarded by thousands of people. I will say this, there were lots of spectacles for the sake of spectacle, bright lights, and large-scale installations to varying degrees of effectiveness.

Venezuelan Pavilion: "Spaces" by Yoshi

More photos after the jump… Read more »

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Goodbye to Avenue A

Construction today at 200 Avenue A

After an unbelievable run at 200 Avenue A, we’ve officially moved out of our pop-up home. In two months, we staged four incredible solo shows and five unique performances. Every person who helped– from finding the space, to painting it black, to agreeing to show with us (!), to supplying us with pizza– made Reliquary/SUPERDARK spectacular.

In retrospect, what’s most interesting to me is that we ended up essentially creating our own reliquary made up of the items left behind by each artist. From Wonderpuss Octopus, we had awesome Polaroids of gun headbands and handstands. Alejandro imparted upon us a cup full of pennies & shells, as well as some coins permanently adhered to the ground. From Alyse, we had a fine coating of glittery confetti. Oh, and Ted left us with a set of drum sticks which I’ve played on every surface inside of 200 Avenue A. Thank you for rainbow-colored frosting, Scott. It is encrusted into the floorboards and seams of the wall. Lauren, Kenya, Maya, and Andy may not have left any physical remains, but their relics were experiential (party, wind, karaoke, potential energy…).

AD Projects has grown a huge affinity for the neighborhood and artistic community in the area, and we are sad to depart. However, we could not have asked for a better group of artists to work with at our longest-lasting home yet!

Stay tuned for what we’re up to next.

EVill Love,



Reliquary: Alyse Ronayne opens this Wednesday, June 15

Alyse Ronayne

Following Wonderpuss Octopus and Lauren Silberman in the series of Reliquary exhibitions at 200 Avenue A is Alyse Ronayne, who will be showing sculptures made of nontraditional materials in the storefront space.

She will fill the windows with Cake Walk (Windows) 2008-11, an amalgamation of sculptures that can be seen as relics of the artist’s studio and practice.  Alyse fills cake molds with polyurethane and bits of industrial detritus that coat her studio floor.  Like prized giant pumpkins or fraying pageantry costumes, the cakes have  exhibited widely over the past four years, losing and gaining scrap materials along the way.   In Bow (Verb), the artist repurposed a plastic tablecloth which she once used as a studio drop cloth.  The fabric is transformed from its familiar and functional shape into a tied and twisted bow.

Ronayne balances the often unsightly heft of physical history with the resulting reflective, simple and luminous objects.  Her studio process is fluid and exploratory, resulting in work that is as visually complex as it is conceptually nuanced. The artist often employs many types of materials in a manner that challenges hierarchy and warps traditional connotations of fine art, domesticity, and other themes.

Reliquary: Alyse Ronayne will be on view at 200 Avenue A from Monday, June 13th through Sunday, June 19th from 7-9:30 PM weekdays and 12-6 pm Saturday and Sunday.  Please join us at a reception for the artist on Wednesday, June 15th at 8 PM.

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Just like every night has its dawn

Ted Riederer performing. Photo courtesy of Jason Wyche

Just before the city cleared out for Memorial Day Weekend last week, AD Projects showed a fantastic performance by Ted Riederer. It was Ted’s first time acting as the drummer in this performance, rather than the keeper-of-the-roses, and he killed it. In Ted’s words “a great drummer once told me I could be the drummer of a shitty rock band. I took it as a compliment.”

Abby, Ted and I spent some quality time de-thorning roses as the sun set. Passersby were intrigued and confused as to why there was a drum kit amongst Lauren Silberman’s photo show. More than one person questioned the juxtaposition of Lauren’s iPod ghetto blaster and Ted’s bucket of roses/drumsticks. There may have been a snare drum snafu. All in all, the show was great, energetic, and visually exciting. Ted mixed a bit of slap stick humor seamlessly with rhythm and a pretty fantastic drum solo. It was a beautiful start to a holiday weekend. Jessica manned the gallery over the weekend and left the (dis)array of petals strewn around the floor for some fragrant ambiance.

Ted Riederer performing. Photo courtesy of Jason Wyche

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Weekend of Performances: June 3-5

And the SUPERDARK performances forge on…

Maya Jeffereis | Kenya (Robinson) | Scott Valentine

We’ve already shown two dynamic, awesome performances by Alejandro Guzman and Ted Riederer over the last few weeks. Pennies rained! Rose petals flew! But what’s next? Tomorrow night, we’re kicking off the weekend of performances with Maya Jeffereis “Why Can’t I Be You?” Maya combines elements of video, interactive performance, and dance in this piece. She draws on her cultural background to bring us something entirely new. Expect to see bits of Bollywood, Japanese dance, and tunes from the Cure. 8:30 pm– be there.

I won’t lie to you: we’re taking a break Saturday because we want to visit Bushwick open studios. Wonderpuss Octopus will be unveiling a mural at Solar Bubbles in the Aquarium, and there are so many more spots we don’t want to miss.

Next up will be Kenya’s and Scott’s performances on Sunday. Kenya will go on at 3 pm as our first daytime performance in the series. Plan your brunches accordingly, people! Later in the day, Scott Valentine will explore the stereotypical ideal of the male form, specifically as it relates to queer identity and also to athletics. There may or may not be cake involved.

We hope to see everyone at 200 Avenue A this Friday & Sunday!

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