Weekend of Performances: June 3-5

And the SUPERDARK performances forge on…

Maya Jeffereis | Kenya (Robinson) | Scott Valentine

We’ve already shown two dynamic, awesome performances by Alejandro Guzman and Ted Riederer over the last few weeks. Pennies rained! Rose petals flew! But what’s next? Tomorrow night, we’re kicking off the weekend of performances with Maya Jeffereis “Why Can’t I Be You?” Maya combines elements of video, interactive performance, and dance in this piece. She draws on her cultural background to bring us something entirely new. Expect to see bits of Bollywood, Japanese dance, and tunes from the Cure. 8:30 pm– be there.

I won’t lie to you: we’re taking a break Saturday because we want to visit Bushwick open studios. Wonderpuss Octopus will be unveiling a mural at Solar Bubbles in the Aquarium, and there are so many more spots we don’t want to miss.

Next up will be Kenya’s and Scott’s performances on Sunday. Kenya will go on at 3 pm as our first daytime performance in the series. Plan your brunches accordingly, people! Later in the day, Scott Valentine will explore the stereotypical ideal of the male form, specifically as it relates to queer identity and also to athletics. There may or may not be cake involved.

We hope to see everyone at 200 Avenue A this Friday & Sunday!

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