Click to see photos from the show

Click to see photos from the show

AD Projects Announces CAMERA VIVANT:
An Exhibition of Contemporary Camera-Based Works

Featured artists: Kuba BakowskiAllison Berkoycaraballo-farmanAndrea GalvaniNarcissisterJulian OpieBec StupakAndrea Wolf

EPHRAIM, Utah — AD Projects is pleased to announce a group exhibition, CAMERA VIVANT, opening February 11, 2011 at the Central Utah Arts Center (CUAC) in Ephraim, Utah. This exhibition marks AD Projects’ inaugural departure from New York City, and will highlight the works of eight contemporary artists working in photography, video, and installation.

This exhibition delves into the subcategory of new media where performativity and the camera, both still and moving, intersect.  AD Projects created the term caméra vivant to identify non-documentary camera-based artwork that both captures a performative act and is created with the intention of being seen by an audience as a video or photograph. When a viewer encounters a caméra vivant, the medium shapes the perception of the dramatized action. The viewer sees only what the artist allows him or her to see, rather than being able to choose which aspects of a performance to observe from different perspectives in real time.

The term caméra vivant is loosely derived from tableau vivant, which literally translates to “living picture.” The tableau vivant emerged in the eighteenth century as a parlor game in which a costumed individual or group posed in a static and carefully arranged manner, generally referencing a recognizable historical scene. Early interpretations of the parlor game included erotic vaudeville performances and often women-run amateur theater. Eventually, the tableau vivant evolved into a type of narrative photography accepted into the canon of fine art. At the peak of their popularity, tableaux vivants bridged the gap between amateur theater and fine-art photography, and later influenced artists such as Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, and Jack Smith.

Similarly, the caméra vivant is a form of contemporary narrative camerawork both controlled and formalized through the artist’s lens. Further, caméras vivants often relay a personal narrative rather than a common historical allusion. The hallmark of a caméra vivant is the artist’s desire for meticulous control over all formal aspects of the video or photograph. The works exhibited in CAMERA VIVANT can be used to illustrate the characteristics inherent to this contemporary art.

AD Projects is excited to explore the boundaries of the definition of caméra vivant through various works in the exhibition. For a deeper analysis please attend AD Projects’ lecture at Snow College on Thursday, February 10th at 7pm.


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