Becca Albee, Barack Obama, and Cleopatra

All I wanted to do Wednesday afternoon was run out to grab a coffee during a long day at the gallery.  Unfortunately, Madison Ave was being heavily patrolled by police, and I felt like a salmon swimming upstream toward my delicious caffeine fix.  Why? Obama was in town and headed to a dinner on the Upper East Side. The highly choreographed police presence reminded me of a sophisticated, composed video AD Projects displayed last year to a very limited audience.

Becca Albee, video stills

Before our show Piles last summer, we held a dinner to thank our supporters in my old loft space and staged a small-scale solo show of works, many still in progress, by the fantastic artist Becca Albee.  Becca generously lent us a variety of her works, spanning from highly personal photographs, to a communal newspaper giveaway piece, to a research project about a fugitive, to the video mentioned previously.

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